Keep Your Family Active, and Off Their Phones

Backyard In ground Trampoline

MaxAir Trampolines are fun for all ages. Have one installed and watch your family bounce, laugh, and enjoy themselves. Who can resist the temptation to bounce? Your MaxAir Trampoline will provide hours and hours of fun and exercise. Watch your family’s activity level increase, and phone use decrease.

 MaxAir Trampolines are designed for professional use, so we don’t make mass produced “department store” trampolines. You can be confident that, with regular care and maintenance, your MaxAir trampoline will serve your needs, look good, and last a lifetime. In some cases—with basic tools and construction skills—you can install your own MaxAir Trampoline in a weekend.  Otherwise we can recommend a qualified installer.

 Teach your family the important ongoing life-lesson of healthy living with a MaxAir Trampoline. Our trampolines are guaranteed to keep your family entertained and active for years.

 MaxAir Trampolines are perfect for:

  • Fun Seekers
  • Playtime
  • Gymnastics Students
  • Cheerleader Practice
  • Bounce Parties
  • Home Workouts
  • Learning new Ski, Snowboard, and Wakeboard Tricks
  • Under-the-Stars Sleep Overs
  • Star Gazing
  • Sun Bathing
  • Hot Weather Sprinkler Bouncing
  • And More!

The versatility of a MaxAir trampoline is seemingly endless.  A MaxAir tramp can be installed just about anywhere outdoors and, in many cases, even indoors.  They can be installed flush with your lawn, deck, or even as a conversion for an unused swimming pool (and honestly, they're a lot easier to maintain!).  We do above ground setups as well.  Our extensive array of pad options and colors provide flexibility for a subtly minimalist look, or you can make a bold statement worthy of the X Games.  You can even install next to a basketball hoop for a fun game of SlamBall!  Click for a quote, or call us today!