Extreme Sports Training

Around the world, professionals and all levels of amateur trampolinists train on MaxAir trampolines. Cheerleaders, free runners and parkour enthusiasts, as well as extreme sport athletes, such as snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, wakeboarders, divers, BMX riders, and motorcyclists train on MaxAir tramps. Even movie stunt actors, and aerialists from incredible productions like Cirque du Soleil hone their skills on MaxAir tramps.

At MaxAir, we have designed and engineered our oversized, high bouncing, Super Quad trampoline to maximize air-time, axis tricks, and flips. Push your training to new heights, and gain the competitive advantage in your sport.

Why buy a MaxAir Trampoline?

Practicing your skills on a MaxAir Trampoline will give you the necessary reps to perfect your craft and land your tricks, sooner. 

Professional & Competition Trampolines

Are you a professional extreme sports athlete, gymnast, diver, or just looking to get an edge on the competition? Our professional trampolines and competition trampolines are great for just about any athlete looking to improve their game. The maximized air time resulting from the higher bounce of a MaxAir Supertramp ensures that you will quickly improve your skills. MaxAir Supertramps offer a larger platform with increased sweet spot size so you can worry less about your placement on the trampoline and focus more on your time in the air. A MaxAir professional trampoline is great for trampoline competition preparation whether you are an extreme sports athlete, gymnast, or any athlete performing aerial maneuvers.


  • Practice skills you otherwise wouldn't be able to.
  • Faster Progression – Extra height leads to more time in the air for more advanced skills sooner.
  • Reps – Get better, faster. “Dry-run” practice your extreme sport tricks, more safely, with more repetitions.
  • Large Surface – Traditional fly-bed tramps are rectangular and don't allow athletes the options to move side-to-side. Our Super Quad provides a larger sweet spot allowing athletes to move wherever they need.

Some of the top extreme sports athletes in the world train on our equipment including Olympic Freestyle Skier and X games Superpipe Gold Medalist, David Wise and X games Gold Medalist, Sammy Carlson. A MaxAir Super Quad can help you perfect your skills, build your core strength and confidence, and help you dominate your sport.


If you have limited space, or are working within a budget, check out our 10’ x 12’ Home Air Pro. For those with a little more space, and are looking for maximum height, you will like our 14’ x 14’ Super Quad, our premium bouncing “dream machine”. With one of these two options, you can have the world of extreme training right in your own yard, or even in your home.  We can also design a custom trampoline to fit your unique space. Request a quote today.