Top Trampoline Training Centers and Trampoline Parks Demand the Best.

Trampoline Businesses

Gymnastics Centers, Trampoline Parks, and Extreme Sports Training Centers require trampolines that stand up to rigorous, and continual use. That’s why they buy MaxAir Trampolines. Ours are 100% made in the USA and engineered to last. We overbuild them with heavy gauge, welded steel frame sides, jumbo-sized super springs, heavy-duty hardware, and our premium, two-string woven bed technology. Our string beds usually last about 5 years, but all string beds come with a do-it-yourself string repair kit that allows quick and easy repairs without removal. Combine all that with our own custom designed safety-padding options, and you have the best trampolines that money can buy.

Choose just the right pad color, and combine with a custom printed bed, and you can create any look that you want. Cheer on your team with a school-mascot theme, or choose bright, bold and aggressive for that all-out, Xtreme sports look. Speaking of customizing, we can custom build trampolines to fill any size room, which is perfect for Trampoline Parks or Extreme Sports Training Centers. If you’re looking for custom, we’re here to help, just fill out our “request a quote” form.

You’ll rest assured that after delivery, we’ll still be here to service your beds and springs when you need us. We can even refurbish your old frames. We repair any weak welds, then powder-coat your frame, so it looks as good as new. Ask about our bed rotation program, to keep your trampolines… and your cash flow… working for you.

We specialize in everything that you’ll need…

  • 14’ x 14’ Super Quad Trampolines
  • 10’ x 20’ Super Tramps
  • 7’ x 14’ Flybed Tramps
  • Custom Super Tramps
  • Custom Designed Trampoline Systems to fit any size or shape
  • Parts, Maintenance, Repair Kits
  • Custom Printed Beds
  • Wide selection of Pads and Pad Colors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Trampolines
  • Replacement Trampoline Beds – String and Poly

Competition Trampolines

If your trampoline training center or park is looking to host gymnastics and extreme sports events, a MaxAir competition trampoline is essential for maximizing performance. Our professional trampolines will attract top end athletes to competitive events at your trampoline park, resulting in soaring heights and maximum performance. The large sweet spot and superior air time of a MaxAir Super Supertramp professional trampoline will allow athletes and gymnasts to perform at their highest level.