Professional, Gymnastics, and Competition Trampolines

Commercial Trampolines

Implement MaxAir Supertramps into your gymnastics facility or trampoline park. Our higher performance trampolines give your athletes the extra edge to take their performance to the next level. For trampoline parks, MaxAir extreme trampolines increase the excitement with increased bounce heights.

Why buy a MaxAir Trampoline?

Gymnastics facilities and gymnasts love our super trampolines because they have a larger sweet spot and allow for significantly higher bounces.  With a bounce height of 15-20% higher than standard string beds, athletes capitalize on more air-time and height to advance their skills more quickly than on a normal string bed.  Because the trampolines provide a powerful yet soft bounce, athletes can complete more repetitions with less energy in an safe environment.

Trampoline parks benefit tremendously from having our super trampolines.  Attract new customers and set yourself apart from other parks by having an “extreme jump zone”, catered to those looking for more height and bigger thrills.  Some of our parks have started weekly classes in their extreme jump zones, which has built up their customer base, return visits, and their cash flow.

Professional Trampolines

MaxAir professional trampolines are preferred by extreme sports athletes, gymnasts, divers, and any athlete looking to gain a boost in performance. Our Supertramps are designed with athletes in mind and will help them to take their competition to the next level. The increased air time from the superior bounce of a Supertramp ensures that professional athletes can advance their skills without having to worry about the performance of the equipment. Professional trampolines are a great addition to any commercial trampoline facility or bounce park, attracting professionals and amateurs alike. Maximize performance and let your athletes soar with a MaxAir professional trampoline.

Competition Trampolines

MaxAir Supertramps are ideal to be used as competition trampolines. The increased sizes and large sweet spot of a MaxAir competition trampoline ensure that athletes can maximize their competitive edge. Host gymnastics events extreme sports competitions at your commercial trampoline facility to showcase the superior MaxAir trampoline technology. Your trampoline competition will achieve new levels of high flying and performance with a MaxAir competition trampoline.


  • Faster Progression – Extra height leads to more air time, allowing more advanced skills sooner.
  • Safer landings – Softer bounce allows for a softer landing
  • Excites Customer Base – Let's face it, kids always want to go higher and higher
  • Extreme Sport Training – Pull in a different demographic with our trampolines, catering to off-axis twisting
  • Run Classes – Offer classes to gymnasts as well as extreme sports athletes, keep them coming back.
  • Increase Revenue – Increase your cash flow with expanded class offerings and increased enrollment.