Paul Hagan

Paul Hagan MaxAir Trampolines founder

Paul Hagan started doing gymnastics in 1975 at the age of 14 at the Academy of Gymnastics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He built his first trampoline in 1979 in his high school metals shop class.  It became a passion of his to build trampolines for family and friends. 

In 2000, he built a 10' x 20' trampoline for his backyard.  When he built the 14' x 14' Super Quad in 2010, it changed everything in the trampoline world.  This inspired him to start a his trampoline company, MaxAir Trampolines.

Steve Chan

Steve Chan MaxAir Trampolines Team member

Steve started working with Paul Hagan in 2007 and has been instrumental in developing the 14' x 14' Super Quad and custom safety padding for MaxAir Trampolines.

He works closely with customers in designing the best package to meet the unique athlete and customer needs.  MaxAir Trampolines can provide customized trampolines to improve the skills of both amateur and professional athletes alike.