Residential Trampoline Applications

The versatility of a MaxAir trampoline is endless.  A MaxAir tramp can be installed just about anywhere outdoors and, in many cases, even indoors.  They can be installed flush with your lawn, deck, or even as a conversion for an unused swimming pool.  We offer above ground setups as well.  Our extensive array of pad options and colors provide flexibility for a subtly minimalist look, or you can make a bold statement worthy of the X Games.  You can even install next to a basketball hoop for a fun game of SlamBall! 

MaxAir Trampolines can be installed:

  • Flush with your lawn
  • Above ground
  • In an unused in-ground pool
  • Flush with a deck
  • In a custom indoor trampoline room
  • In a pole barn or specially designed outbuilding
  • The possibilities are unlimited. We can help you design any solution for your bouncing needs.

MaxAir Trampolines are designed for professional use, so we don’t make mass produced “department store” trampolines. You can be confident that, with regular care and maintenance, your MaxAir trampoline will serve your needs, look good, and last a lifetime. In some cases—with basic tools and construction skills—you can install your own MaxAir Trampoline in a weekend.  Otherwise we can recommend a qualified installer.