Trampolines Designed for Safety

Above Ground Flybed Trampoline

Gymnasts, performers, and extreme athletes demand the safety features that are built into every MaxAir Trampoline. They know that their time on a trampoline comes with risks. Gradually working up to a difficult new maneuver, being in top physical condition, using properly fitted safety pads, properly installed springs, checking the conditions of beds, springs and frames, and using spotters and harnesses, are all important precautions that can help minimize risks, and children should NEVER use a trampoline without qualified adult supervision present at all times.
  • Components are quality built in the USA
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Heavy Duty Beds
  • Heavy Duty Frames
  • Heavy Duty Padding with Oversized Choices
  • Larger Sweet Spots
  • Engineered “Self Centering” Bounce Technology
  • Powder Coated & Heavy-Duty Welded Frames
  • Powder Coated Springs to protect from rusting
  • Springs and Beds designed as a unit with “Self-Centering” technology

Built to Last

MaxAir Trampolines are designed and built to the highest industry standards. You will enjoy years of service from your MaxAir Tramp with regular inspections and maintenance of the springs, beds, frames, and pads. Only MaxAir Replacement parts and accessories should be used, and can be purchased from our “Shop Products” page.

    High Performance Trampolines

    All of the components of a MaxAir Trampoline were designed to work together to give you the highest performance trampoline available. With MaxAir “Self-Centering” technology, and our heavy-duty springs, beds, and frames, you will experience a better bounce, and higher and longer air-time to perfect more complicated aerials. Our heavier-built frames are stiffer and have more mass than the competition, to maximize bed stability and bed-to-user-contact for more sure-footed and controlled bouncing. Experience better performance on a MaxAir High Performance Trampoline.