What The People Are Saying...

Owner Antero Harjuniemi, Rollohalli - Finland:

“Max Air Trampolines has provided us here at Rollohalli with their one of a kind 14x14 super quad and 10x20 super trampoline, we have people coming all around the Finland area and from Northern Sweden to our facilities to improve and develop their skills for the snow slopes.”

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Program Manager Phoebe Mills, Woodward @ Copper:

“Our 14’ x 14’ trampoline is the best training tool we have at Woodward at Copper for teaching tricks to action sports athletes.  The bigger bed is safer for teaching off-axis tricks, and it provides a slower bounce, which better simulates being in the air off a big jump.  It’s fun for everyone who visits our facility and it doesn’t matter if they’re learning a seat drop, a 540, or a double cork.”

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Freeskier Sammy Carlson: 

"My favorite thing about the Bunker (Woodward Tahoe) is definitely the super tramp. It's unreal. It's so much softer than normal fly beds. It absorbs your bounce and you don't have to worry about traveling at all. I always travel and drift away from the center of the tramp and with this one I don't have to worry about it. People are going to dig this thing big time."

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Greg Roe, Professional Trampolinist: 

"The power, size and ability to face any direction safely, makes these trampolines an amazing training tool for any acrobatic sport from Gymnastics to parkour, to wake-boarding, and any sport in between."

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Henrik Lampert, Freeskier: 

"Top pros blown away by Woodward Tahoe in wake of Grand Opening." 

David Fisher, stunt performer for the movie "Pan":

“Your trampoline exceeded all expectation and it fitted the bill perfectly... Everyone was very happy with the trampoline and the subsequent fight we put together.”